'Campus Writing'

I see around myself and I see people craving for an escape. An escape from the reality which haunts them to their cores. The primal need of gratification lies within them. I ask to all those wretched beings, “Is your life really worth all the pains?? Are you sure that this all is real??” Rocking in my wooden chair, I think to myself, are we living a dream?? Or is this a reality??

I try to convince myself that this is real, where even molecular actions and wronged choices can have painful repercussions. But, what if, in the end, this all is just a dream? A moment suspended in time. A bubble waiting to be pricked. An eternity in space. Can it be possible that I started dreaming yesterday night and today never occurred? Or maybe that my whole life is just a mere dream.

I am deeply fascinated by…

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