Kinshuk speaking shadows!

'Campus Writing'

“I may have never known the person in you,
But the strength of this bond I just can’t subdue.”

Do we live for them?
Or, do we dream for our lives?
Intriguing it is, how all of it plies.
Dreams may die but we will survive!
That’s the only way for us to revive.

The motions pursued are so never ending;
To retaliate our gratification, we keep on appending.
What we want and what do we need?
Demarcating the two, gives us the lead.

The right, the wrong: is it us to decide?
Until we listen to the inner voice that resides!

But hardly it’s known where from these voices pitch.
The best ally that we can ever get, that’s considered just a mere glitch.

For these reflective lives; shadows cast, seem to resolve the mystery.
Picturizing the deeds that record into the history.
Looking into the darker side; it…

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