Things end badly sometimes. With people you love and with people who you expect to love you back, with people who promise you that they would stick around forever, with people who say that their life revolves around you and may not mean it and with people who really mean what they say, its never for sure if they will stay.

We accept the loss and move on…though it does take quite sometime, the happy time strikes us and we are back on track , feeling blessed than ever, for all the people in our lives, who we by now know that are here to stay. But the gospel truth is that sometimes we can never not miss the people we used to love and the times we felt that our world revolved around them.

Not that we dont rejoice all the beautiful people who pour their love for us on us now…but when we feel heavy down our tummies, and that feeling we have when we feel like something is stuck down our throat and when we stare blankly at an empty wall or down from our balconies…listening to songs that describe exactly what we feel, be sure that we are missing something and wonder what made things end up the way they did.

The feeling of course persists for a pretty long time and then… bam! we realize that those were the people who were not worth it and we think about how they were the ones who did not realize the absolute love and care we always saves for them and we console ourselves by reminding ourselves the way that they deceived is. “Its done. forget it.” we tell ourselves but we know that this feeling is coming back, but today and now , i beg to differ. that feeling is never coming back because now i know that each one of us is better off without any extra baggage.

While the people who matter to us are right in front of our eyes, we are sometimes still busy looking back at people who failed to see behind our eyes. I want to change that. Do you?

Sruthi Laya