I’m asking myself a lot of questions right now, but the one that tops my list is “Am I the only person who is in close contact with so many different kind of people in my one and only life?” .The answer maybe yes, or even no, and that I’m not alone. if you are wondering the same thing, then trust me.. you are NOT alone.
To meet different people who are each different in their own way Is one thing, but to have all of those different people constitute the social circle that I interact with constantly, everyday and all the time is a completely different thing. There is no limit to the ups and downs, the anger and the tolerance, the spark and the sadness, these faces provide me with. But through it all, I learnt one thing: people are like ice cream, each is one type. One confides in strangers than his own kin, the other longs to be confided in. one looks up to god for everything, the other likes to believe he doesn’t. There is that one who picks himself up after tumbling down, the other likes to dwell in his state of depression. One is happy; the other strives to keep everyone but himself happy. So many kind of people and their oh so many differences. All in my heart, my address book and my friends list. Is that what makes them each stronger as an individual or is that what makes them hard to be dealt with? The answer is always left on the table, just like the plate of leftovers that one leaves, just that nobody takes the time to look at the plate, they just trash it.


-Sruthi Laya

AAT Media College