*Disclaimer: This article is written from a neutral stand and does not point to any particular party.*

India-the largest democracy in the world, has been ruled by coalition governments since the day I started asking questions about Indian government to my father. And I am still not sure whether it has helped in efficient governing of our country.

The parliament has been dormant for many sessions on the trot, thanks to the opposition.However, we should not also forget the contribution of allies in this. Pressure from the friendly parties looms greater than that from the opposition itself. I don’t see bills being passed regularly- be it good or bad. As a citizen, I want the Government to do something- be it productive or vain.

There are bills which don’t even come out of think-tank due to the discrepancies between the allies. First of all, Alliances should be made on the basis of principles the parties share. But, I’ve been seeing alliances made/broke purely on the basis of the number of seats. This is just sad(I can’t find any better word). This is not helping APJ’s 2020 dream in any way.

I am well aware of the fact that no single party can achieve the majority required, in today’s situation. This can be attributed to the fact that there are like thousands of parties in India. And we, Indians, are diversified in our political views as we are in our culture. If someone decides that he/she needs a taste of political power, he starts his own party rather than working his way up in an already-existing party.

Politicians have outnumbered Statesmen today as politics is turning out to be more of a tree that bears cash. India’s welfare has lost its importance and their own welfare gained over it. So, there is steady increase in rate of new-faces transforming to prominent politicians, at least in their residential area! When elections comes up, votes get split due to this new-party and the established parties are forced to shake hands with it. And that’s when the problem starts. This new-party soon realises it’s pivotal position and uses that to extort for it’s own good. This is from a single party and an alliance consist of many small parties those do the same to the major one. Thus, Government is more or less a puppet with more than one puppeteer. And we know that too many cooks spoil the broth. This is exact situation today. And all I can do about it is to write.

I do think that development of US can be attributed to it’s two party system. The rulers do something(Question here is not whether it’s productive.) rather than revising their stand every time according to their allies. And if the people are not happy about the regime, they throw the ruling party out and the other(with the fear of being thrown out) does some good to the country in their own way. And effectively, country benefits at least in a small amount from both parties. That’s development.

Someone can say that the two party system will be a fail if both parties are flawed. My answer is both can never be flawed because one wants to outlive the other in tenure and they will do better than previous one for sure to ensure that they stay at the helm. That state is much better than our present.

After all, I find the title of this post ridiculous!

-Siva Karthik

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham