Everyone has that one friend who is given more priority among others.
You tend to admire that person. You share all your secrets with them. You begin to become possessive over them. You hate anyone who talks bad about them. You cannot live a life without them around you.
You fight, argue, irritate , but you would not be able to go to bed without apologizing or hugging each other. They support you whatsoever and you do the same, without having any second thoughts. They have your back throughout.

You start to wonder, what is so special about this person.

Is there supposed to be a particular reason for this person to be special?
The person himself/herself is a precious little gift of your life. You treasure them throughout your life.

This is to that one friend who has been with me throughout all the hard times, who has given me a lot of wonderful memories to catch up to, and who inspired me in writing this 🙂

 -Meena Priya