He unlocked his mobile,
For the hundreth time,
Just to see the wallpaper,
and say,”I love you”
Her beautiful face,
Dusky yet glowing,

Eyes that no one could refuse,
A smile so charming,
A nose that cannot be man-made
Everything about her,
Is so perfect,

Even her attitude,
Which was contrasting to the others,
So, the first time he saw her,
He was already in ‘something’
With her.

But the thing is,
If she was 10 in a scale upto 10,
He was tending to zero,
No wonder,
She had many guys,

Waiting to just meet her,
Just because she was beautiful.
Lucky, some of them were,
She dated them.
Even some, strangely,

She dated again and again.
He felt agony in that fact.
In a few weeks, she was getting married.
He did not want to think of that
With a surge of sadness and mild indignant anger,
He thought to himself,
She didnot even send him an invitation

But then ofcourse, he thought,
She hardly even knew him
He thought of breaking into the marriage,
But hey wait, he thought,
If he broke in,

that would cause her unhappiness,
Partly the reason,
Also he would be ‘thrashed’
No, he did not want that,
At least let her be happy,

He thought to himself.
It was all his fault,
He should have approached her at the begining,
While at college,
While she was innocent,

Before she got the ‘job’,
Now, he felt angry,
With himself and jealous,
For having lost her,
To some moron,
Yes, moron (to his eyes!)

He felt,
No one could care for her,
Like he would,
If given a chance.
He wouldn’t and can’t
Forget her

For the years to come,
But alas,
That will remain forever as a dream,
Because she is an actress!! 😛

Akash Govindarajan

Loyola College