I don’t usually write this kind of posts, but this is no ordinary movie either !!. This is Dr. Kamal Hassan’s Magnum opus, Vishwaroopam. Dragged into controversy after controversy, it finally hit the screens day before yesterday in Tamil Nadu. I went to this movie with an empty head, but I came back awestruck. It was “Thaaru Maaru Over Gethu” ( Rough translation : Epic beyond Epicness ). I’m no Kamal Fan, But I have watched almost every other Kamal movie,(Thanks to my Mom,she’s a big fan), and this is ,by far his best Action-Thriller till date. Written, and directed by Kamal Hassan himself, Vishwaroopam’s on par with the other Hollywood Films, and it’s sure to create a feeling of euphoria as you walk out from the theatre.

This movie has got “Kamal Hassan” printed all over it .No wonder ,he’s called as ”Ulaganayagan Kamal Hassan”, Being the versatile Genius he is , he indulged himself in all aspects of the movie. He directed the movie, wrote the script, danced and sang almost all songs in this movie. Even after 50-plus years on screen, he is still incredibly enterprising and is raring to go. From being an effeminate Kathak dance teacher in New York to being a Jihadi fighting the NATO forces in Afghanistan or a dapper spy working for India, he pulls it off with sheer brilliance.

This movie is like no other Tamil movie, no . It has etched itself a nice place in Kollywood, creating a milestone in the Industry ,like I said, it’s on par with Hollywood movies, made with a whooping Budget of 95 Crores (second to Endhiran). This movie doesn’t have the usual filmy twists, a demanding script or punch-lines, but is packed with high powered live action, convincing combat sequences, original military hardware, impressive technical prowess and the star himself in at least three different get-ups. Kamal Hassan has given us an action-Thriller with a touch of class .Sanu Varghese‘s cinematography is a phenomenal factor,and he has fulfilled his task with utmost perfection . The kathak choreography byBirju Maharaj( I’ve had a chance to watch him perform live, this year in IIT) is pleasing and Kamal’s kathak dance in the first 45 minutes is even more pleasing to watch.

Rahul Bose, as a ruthless Al-Qaeda terrorist , and as Kamal’s friend ,turned enemy is convincing enough , Altough in the later half, he starts talking in a rather husky tone ( which reminded me of Batman from the Christopher Nolan adaptation). Nasser, as another Al-Qaeda leader , does justice to his role .He speaks Arabic throughout the whole movie, you’ll never believe him to be a Tamilian ,watch out for him in the sequel  . Pooja , who debuts in this movie , becomes rather irritating after the first half. Andrea , does her role with seamless brilliance as usual , Altough I was rather surprised that she didn’t sing in this movie .

Throughout the whole movie , I couldn’t find anything offensive against the Muslim’s in India .Even with a magnifying device, it is rather impossible to find portions that might offend Muslims. The bad guys in the film are not Muslims or even the stereotypes of radical Islamists. Instead, Kamal is quite specific about them – they are the Al-Qaeda terrorists.  It’s really surprising that a group of people were able to stop the screening of the movie in Tamil Nadu on such flimsy grounds.

Kamal’s movies knew no boundaries,  Today I crossed the Tamil Nadu Border to Kerala just to watch Kamal’s Vishwaroopam in Palakkad because in the Tamil Nadu release , they had muted 9 minutes from the movie , I wasn’t disappointed either. After watching the first one, I’ve a really good expectation on the sequel ( Watch out for the last five minutes in this movie ). Overall Kamal has not disappointed his fans at all , and he’s even managed to give us a blockbuster after so many controversys .

“Yaar endru purigiradhaa
Ivan thee endru therigiradhaa
Thadaigalai vendrey sarithiram padaithavan
Niyabagam varudkiradhaa”.


-Gautam Somappa

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham