As the heat blanket spreads across Chennai, the month of March connotes the beginning of summer in Chennai. Now March is usually the month filled with whole lot of activities.  You can find on streets, lot of small scale business men trying to set up road side shops to make a quick buck. This is the time of the year where there is a rise in the sales of fruits especially Water Melons.

Every road would have a big umbrella underneath which these small scale businessmen set up their shops. Preventing them from the wrath of the sun, they cry out loud to sell their products. Tender Coconuts and Water Melons are the ones that tops their sale. In this dying heat, everyone finds time to make a pit stop to quench their parched throats with either of the two. Image

This is also the time of the year when all the fresh juice shops are buzzing with people who are desperate to get their hands on the cold glass of juice. The crowd will never die down until the shopkeepers call it a day.

The activity is not only along the footpath or the shops but extends till the temples too. A tradition or sentiment for the tenth and twelfth graders to hit the temples before writing their exam. So it’s very likely that the uncles and aunties can get past the student crowd to get a glance at the god on the morning of the exam. The scenario of anxious parents and even more anxious students holding their text books, giving a last minute glance oblivious to the surroundings, creating a havoc in the road is a common sight that cannot be missed in March.

With emotions tolling over, one still rants about the Chennai heat.

-Karthik Margabandu

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

Photo Courtesy- Yegnesh Tawker