To begin with, let me first enlighten you about the cause ‘CampusWriting’ before I move on to present ‘CampusWriting * Chennai’ to you… Some of you might have heard but for those who haven’t, was born on January 2011 among a group of youth like you and like me. A group of youth very well facing the social stigmas and bound by the chains laid down by the society on our thoughts and emotions. The lack of a way and an atmosphere wherein one could talk freely of the disturbing and the pressing issues in a youth’s life; the place which could allow on to give voice to one’s thought and emotions, even the most deepest ones. The lack of such kind of a place; that vacant space in our families which din’t allow discussions on topics deemed as ‘taboo’, and the lack of knowledge and awareness to these topics gave birth to ‘CampusWriting’.

Clear enough ‘CampusWriting’ was born to address the issues and the experiences & expressions based on these innate emotions and thoughts. @ CampusWriting we try to connect people through common experiences instead of common acquaintances, trying and helping them learn from others expressions of events. Be it ‘love’, ‘depression’, ‘sex’ or be it ‘drug-abuse’. We are looking forth to have this platform wherein the youth can voice out their concerns without compromising or revealing their identity; one can stay anonymous eve when they share anything on the portal. This was the USP which gave ‘CampusWriting’ the kick-start and in just 10 months gave it an average of 13lac visitors each month for the last couple months.

Now to talk of ‘CampusWriting * Chennai’; yes it is an extension or chapter of ‘CampusWriting’ (among 9 all-total) which is put forth with youth taking charges of the portal and concentrating to institutes, schools, social issues etc of that region. Targeting youth in these and nearby areas, these outposts were thought off due to high traffic from these areas and the spirited nature of our volunteers (now regional heads) to take the cause to the deserving youth in their cities. We hope to serve every single youth in India and to give them that platform of free speech; so that we can have a healthy and strong human resource for the future of this nation.

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We don’t judge an expression by how many hits or likes it receives; we look at how many souls one could heal with their words… Give voice to your emotions @CampusWriting